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My CD's are available for purchase and download via my Bandcamp page from the player and links below. Click on the link title on each CD to sample all of the tracks on each CD. I like to write and record many styles of music. I hope you enjoy listening.

Rod Chubb - Academy of Funk



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I had an idea to write and record an EP of dance music that would be fun and at the same time, feature a lot of guitar. Academy of Funk is the result.

Rod Chubb - In Focus



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In Focus is a collection of my vocal tunes. They all have a pop/jazz flavor and all feature a ton of guitar.

Rod Chubb - Jazz'd



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I have always loved instrumental jazz music. Jazz'd is ten original jazz tunes I wrote in that style. I worked closely with a friend of mine who lives in Israel, Johan Hjord, to add drums on a few tracks as well as mix and master the record.

Rod Chubb - Looped Acoustic



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This album was recorded live with just me and a Boss Loop Station. All of the parts were recorded in real time.

Rod Chubb - Shades of Gray



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Shades of Gray contains songs that were written and recorded over a 10 year period. Stylistically, there are some similarities so I decided to include them on the same project.

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