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For Hire

Below you will find a list of the many services I offer. If you are interested in discussing any of these services further, please contact me via my Contact page.


I offer private instruction both in person and via Skype. My lessons are custom tailored to the student to help them achieve their musical goals. Topics include: composition, music theory, improvisation, rhythm techniques, melody, and much more. Let my years of experience help you achieve your musical goals.

Live Performance:

Need a guitar or bass player for your working band? From fill in dates to long term arrangements, I may be able to help. All styles considered. I have a huge song repertoire and sing well over 100 songs from many genres and decades.


Need a guitar or bass part for your song? Look no further. Bring your tracks to life with real musicians. I can record the tracks in my home studio and send them to you via the internet for you to use in your production. Very reasonable rates. All styles considered. I may be able to assist with other instruments/musicians as well as vocals.

Song Writing:

Having trouble finishing that song? A songwriting collaboration may be just the thing to make that song of yours a reality. I may be able to assist with production, lyrics, music, recording, and online promotion and distribution.

Video Production:

Need a promotional video for your band? I can come to your gig and record video for you then edit it into a compelling video that may be uploaded to Youtube and used in promoting your band or act. Makes booking gigs much easier when clubs can see what they are getting during the booking process. Below is a sample video I did for the band Trip the Light.

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